What is Social Bookmarking and why is it important to you your site? Social Bookmarking is a way of getting your site noticed among people that are interested in your subject or topic. Consumers and students doing research will find your site based on keywords that you have chosen. Once an interested party finds your site through one of the many available Social Bookmarking sites, it gives readers a chance to save or bookmark your site as one of their favorites. Many times the same user will visit your site time and time again to gather information and resources.

So how does this help boost up your site? Search engines like Google and Yahoo rate your site by a couple of different methods. One of which is bounce rate. Bounce rate is the total amount of time a user actually stays on your website, so if you are able to capture the reader’s attention and keep the reader on your website for a good length of time, Google and Yahoo will see this as an informative recourse. Secondly, Google and Yahoo capture individual IP user addresses. The more times a single user visits your website with a unique IP address. Google and Yahoo will give your site more importance, thus moving it to the top of the search engine for your specified keywords.

Below you will find our Social Bookmarking price sheet. Simply select the best Social Bookmarking package, then contact us and we will in a timely manner list your website to the top Social Bookmarking sites for a nominal fee.