There are several methods of link building. You can spend countless hours asking people with similar sites to exchange links with you, but for anyone that has tried this method, this can be very time consuming and frustrating. We don’t use article submission software like many other article submission services out there as this can actually get your site banned altogether.

We only use white hat methods which means, we will manually submit your articles one at a time to the top article submission directories. We will also place 2 backlinks within the article that point back to your site. This does two things. This will generate traffic from people that are reading your articles and the article itself will provide you with backlinks that help push power to your site.

Once your articles are placed within the article submission directories, we will send you a detailed excel spreadsheet with the exact URL addresses, along with logins and passwords, so that you may confirm the job has been performed to your satisfaction.

Only once you are satisfied… which all of our customers are, will you forward payment to us. If a large project is requested, we may require a 50% payment before services are rendered.